I specialise in mind-body coaching, counselling and organisational development.

My mission is to help you unlock your full potential and enable you to thrive.

Whether you're an individual or an organisation, I am here to support you on your journey.

I am a graduate and an affiliate of The Centre for Healing. Please contact me directly for discount codes to their training courses or visit their website to learn more. 



I have expertise in governance and leadership. I can coach you in strategic planning and team dynamics.

I am a highly skilled writer in both creative arts and corporate arenas.



 My compassionate approach focuses on empowering you to welcome all parts of your inner world, to move forward with hope in your heart.

I am available in-person and remotely.


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, with traditional Ashtanga Yoga, in the lineage of Krishnamacharya and the Jois family of Mysore, India.

I am currently available as a cover teacher and private teacher around the world.


What types of projects do I handle?

I can coach your governance or executive leaders in community relationships, strategy development, logic modelling and planning.

I handle a wide variety of writing projects, including but not limited to scripts for theatre, documentary, corporate leadership, articles, blogs, website content, and business communication materials. My areas of expertise are in; wellness & Yoga; theatre & television; farming & food systems.

Let me help you craft your message with precision and creativity.

My approach in counselling & coaching.

I am a trauma-informed counsellor and coach. I take an holistic approach, utilising a toolbox of techniques from Yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation, Embodied Processing, Internal Family Systems, Hakomi therapy, Multi-brain coaching (mBIT) and Deathwalking.

I am available in person and remotely.

More about my background in Yoga.

I have practiced Yoga since 2001, in New Zealand and have been teaching since 2006. I have been blessed with 2 senior teachers,who were both trained in Mysore, India; Nicky Knoff in my early years and then Peter Sanson since 2011. I have apprenticed to Peter since 2012, as his assistant and as a teacher in his shala AYHB 2015-2022.

I connected with the Jois Family Yoga shalas (KPJAYI & SYC), in Mysore, in 2023, after raising my own family for 20 years. I am deeply grateful for the wisdom of Saraswathi Jois, supported by her daughter Sharmila as well as the energy and dedication of Sharath Jois. I studied with them over a period of 6 months in 2023 and continue long-term with them throughout 2024.

I have benefitted from ongoing study in New Zealand and with my beloved teachers in India; Yoga Shastras, ancient Sanskrit texts, mantra, japa, mudra and pranayama. Deep gratitude to BNS Iyengar, Arvind Pare, Sindhoora and Lakshmish Bath.

Yoga asana (postural practice) in the school of Ashtanga, benefits individuals both physically and mentally. It promotes self-awareness, stress reduction, and personal growth. With dedicated practice, students will gain strength and flexibility in body and mind, whilst slowly gaining an understanding of the nature of self and the nature of reality. I am available for short-term cover teaching and private lessons.

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"Gemma is compassionate, present and attuned. She has an excellent skill for guiding the body to a sense of presence and awareness... a beautiful session which allowed me to acknowledge and welcome a part of me that I had been avoiding. This then transformed into a sense of freedom, joy, self love and gratitude." (Vesa, EP student practitioner, May 2024)


"Gemma adeptly holds space, facilitating exploration and creating an atmosphere where one feels open to delve into new experiences." (Deb, EP student practitioner, May 2024)


"I felt very safe and comfortable, which allowed me to go deeper into my process, knowing I was taken care of with such integrity. Gemma is simple and clear in her language, to invite further exploration of feelings and sensations, rather than complicating the process with too much jargon... she was great at keeping me focused on feeling, without getting 'caught in story'." (Chelsea, EP student practitioner, May 2024)


Gemma Carroll
Mysore, India and Napier, New Zealand

About me

I am an expert in communications, with a passion for holistic therapies and regenerative projects.

I am dedicated to Ashtanga Yoga, Vedanta Philosophy, mind-body counselling & coaching and writing; all in service to individuals and organisations around the world.

I believe in the transformative power of integrated solutions that nurture planet, mind, body, and spirit.